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Benthin pleated blinds


Benthin pleated blinds offer a comprehensive range of products for all window screening needs. With flexible control options and an extensive variety of model types, Benthin pleated blinds match with the latest interior design trends, producing a finished look that is contemporary and yet unobtrusive.

With more than 100 models, our pleated blinds blend perfectly into contemporary home interiors.Whether for vertical or tilt and turn windows, large or small lazed areas, roof windows, ceiling windows, conservatories or triangles, pentagons and hexagons, the pleated blind offers the perfect combination of decoration and sun protection.

Standard profiles in unobtrusive and elegant design andcolour-coordinated components come together to create a pleated blind that is both appealing andsymmetrical in appearance. An assortment of high-quality,functional and decorative fabricscan be put together to your liking.Honeycomb pleated blind fabrics in 25 mm width can be processed just as easily as any fabric with the ideal fold width of 20 mm.

Benefits and advantages
  • Pleated blinds for modern interiors
  • Easy installation
  • Appealing shapes and colours
  • Free choice of fabric
  • A wide range of controls
  • The elegant profiles are available in five colours. Powder coated in white and beige or beautifully anodised in silver, bronze and black. Visible plastic and metal components are colour-coordinated.
  • A combination of two individual fabrics within one pleated blind,each of which can be operated and adjusted separately.
  • An elegant solution for roof windows
  • Simple mounting on the glazing bead
Technical specification
Systemmin. width [mm]max width [mm]max height [mm]max surface m2
Benthin pleated blinds300120023003,30
Application:windows, shop windows, conservatories, recesses

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